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2007 I bought an old one on Ebay SIMSON SR50 scooter with former GDR approval. The successor to the legendary Schwalbe has a nationwide special permit: The old SIMSONs are allowed to run with an insurance license plate still whole 60 km / h. The scooter looked good, but technically turned out to be a disaster. After a good 20 motorcycle-free years, the fumbling repairs to a 50er were a real test for me. After 8 months of screwing the scooter was finally suitable for everyday use and I put a tiny little repair manual for the SR50 on the net. The site was visited much more often than I thought, and out of professional ambition, I did everything I could to get them into the top spots on the search engines. was born.

2009 The next project was the technical restoration of one of a vintage motorcycle from 1969, a MZ ES 250 / 2, My clear goal was to get the iron pig ready for everyday use in the long term, which I managed to do in a dozen 100 working hours. The scooter from the 80er years was now really only around in the garage. The old timer virus had me firmly under control, so I wrote many new websites about repairs, improvements and my experience with the old East Motorcycle technique. At some point in the summer season, the website, which had meanwhile grown on 110 sites, had close to 1000 visitors a day. I was happy about the success and refinanced the hobby website a bit with click advertising. My SEO knowledge I had polished it up thoroughly.

Safety clothing bicycle2013 An acquaintance on his Honda Africa Twin was overlooked in the rush hour and seriously injured. He fought several times in the hospital with his life. Since that day I drive much less motorcycle. Only on weekends on empty roads and only with warning vest and of course with protective clothing. There was a switch in my head. The mopeds do not interest me anymore. At the same time, after 10 years, I got problems jogging regularly. So I got on my bike. Since then I drive many, enjoyable kilometers with pedal rotation instead of with engine. Also with safety vest and more often with helmet, because I realized that cycling can be very dangerous, especially if you are overlooked.

Please pay attention to:

  • All the tips and instructions given here have been compiled to the best of my knowledge and belief, but:
  • I am NOT responsible for the accuracy of the instructions, statements or tips shown here, including possible consequential damages
  • Working on two-wheelers requires a certain amount of craftsmanship and a clear mind. With two left hands, it is better to go to the dealer or to the workshop, since improper repair or assembly can endanger your life!
  • I am not a master workshop and not a trader, this is a pure hobby site

A road bike in the apartment relaxes me

I've always liked cycling and traveling by bike. So I wrote a few years ago on new bike pages on folding bikes, battery-powered lights and bicycle winter tires. The website was bursting at the seams and is technically outdated, but is still visited very often due to the insider information. Just before Christmas 2014 I bought myself light cyclocross wheel and put it in my room until the start of the season. When I see it after work, somehow I'm still happy about it and immediately get into a good mood. My heart still beats for old motorcycles, but I prefer to sit on a fast bike and appreciate the slight soreness after a tour.

Cyclocross driver Martin2015 I realized that despite my job as an internet specialist I had run into a perfidious case: In my free time I can not simply convert 150 static websites into a modern website. The pages should be rebuilt mobile-friendly, I would have to produce more than a thousand pictures alone. Then rather start a brand new two-wheeled online project, I thought to myself and started with If someone wants to write me something nice by email, my name is

2019 - Since January is also on Instagram. For me that is more of a test balloon than an end in itself. I prefer to concentrate on my blog instead of distributing content with the watering can on the net ... Of course, I am pleased about the visit and comments.

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