Endoscope KZYEE WH7 under test

The endoscope camera set KZYEE WH7 in the test

An endoscope is a great toy: You can use it to examine your dental implants in your mouth, look for the gap behind the 300 kilo cabinet back wall, look at the condition of the toaster without disassembly from inside, or examine the drainage for chronic constipation. Originally for the medical area Developed, the research of hidden chambers and hollow bodies during inspections and repairs is extremely practical - that is: saves time and money. The technology of endoscope cameras has become cheap with smartphones: The camera is simply connected via W-Lan with the smartphone and immediately records videos or photos from hidden worlds. Since the tiny camera sensor is supported by bright micro-LEDs, the 3-7 meter long, semi-rigid cable is transformed into a usable full HD image for under 50, - Euro. This is wirelessly displayed on the smartphone as a video or photo and stored. This will be the free Chinakracher app HD Wifi Installed.

With a small black box, the brightness and the zoom factor can be adjusted. The camera focuses in the range of 3-10 centimeters - below or above, the image is a bit blurred, but remains quite well recognizable for doctor games. Among other things, I bought the camera to analyze the secrets of an old property without causing any major damage. Of course, the little cam is also ideal for every workshop and hobbyist, for example for engine diagnostics, for the sighting of absolutely inaccessible places - even in liquids - or small housings, which would have to be laboriously dismantled for analysis.

MZ 250 engine diagnosis with camera endoscope

Original photo: Engine diagnosis with camera endoscope

Just turn the spark plug out and I can effortlessly look into the engine and get an exact picture of the condition. In the photo, for example, we see my 50-year-old 250 MZ two-stroke engine. I realize that the overflow channels are fully open in the bottom dead center of the piston, that the piston is slightly covered with carbon, that the cylinder bore has slight grooves, and at the brown spot on the left, I clearly recognize that undesired blow-by gases at the outlet in flow the cylinder and over the piston. At present, there is clearly a noticeable loss of performance due to wear.

Endoscope camera in test on classic cars

Original photo: Visible piston ring impact on the MZ ES 250 engine

The cylinder should soon be ground, an oversize piston is due. For the piston ring butt looks clean at the top dead center of the cylinder. The edge is clearly defined clean, the cylinder head covered with insulating charcoal, the grooves are still limited. You can see everything at a glance with the endoscope without costly dismantling, which would not necessarily do the engine well in this condition. With a four-stroke engine, with the endoscope camera and a bit of patience, you can also see the condition of the valves without disassembling the cylinder head, removing the timing chain, etc.

The endoscope comes to the last corner

Rest in the tank, taken with an endoscope camera

How does it look after 50 years of operation in the tank of the MZ?

The pretty bright LED illumination of the endoscope unfortunately produces a blue light, that falsifies the colors. The camera head is thus quite warm, but can be touched at any time painless. Although the camera is waterproof, I would not bathe in petrol voluntarily. A look into the old MZ tank reveals the secret why the tank reserve with a maximum of 15 kilometers is so damn short: The filter element including plastic jacket has fallen off the fuel cock and is located next to it. The tank can be driven almost completely empty, without having to put in reserve. The ancient metal sheet of the MZ ES 250 / 2 recognizes slight spots of rust, but they are harmless. The filter element I could fish out with patience and a flexible gripper, but I'll put it in it first, because it does no harm.

Looking in the vintage tank with an endoscope

Original photos: Endoscopy diagnosis despite fuel in the tank: The riser of the petrol filter in the tank has fallen off

Endoscope camera accessories

Test KZYEE endoscope camera

KZYEE endoscope camera accessories: magnet, hook and 45-grade mirror

Exhaust diagnostics on the two-stroke with endoscope camera

Cam in the exhaust

In the package of the KZYEE Wifi Endoscope Camera WH7 There are an adapter, a hook, a magnet and an 45-grade mirror that can be screwed onto the camera. The diameter of the lens is only 55 millimeters. This is thinner than most pens are. Thus, the cam along with cable fits through an old drain strainer and can be pushed with the stiff cable, for example, very well in a drain pipe. The Wi-Fi module is sufficient for about 10 meters to the smartphone, the built-in 2200 mAh can be fully charged in about two hours - or in an emergency with a USB power bank operated.

Endoscope photo: two-stroke exhaust from the inside - not addedA look into the two-stroke exhaust after coal. Here, too, the endoscope can score points and provides clear images: the exhaust has not yet added with oil and can be driven on. The endoscope shows a clean image of bare metal. It is just as easy to examine bicycle frames, pipes, machines, etc. with little effort. A perfect and inexpensive tool for craftsmen, with which you can save a lot of money in case of ambiguity and problems. Incidentally, the bluish light can be overshadowed with an additional USB LED spotlight in warm white, if the space is sufficient.

Endoscope test photo

Endoscope test pattern with artificial light

If the illumination of the probe is amplified with warm white artificial light, such as a flashlight, semi-reasonable images are produced. but they are all distorted. Presumably, the sensor natively generates an 4: 3 image, which is simply projected into the existing full-size format by the app. At Amazon, there are confusingly many endoscopes, some with half resolution or only 640 x 480 pixels for just 20, - Euro. I have deliberately chosen a slightly better picture quality.

The KZYEE WiFi Endoscope works, if you pay attention to a few things:

  • Align the camera with one hand and hold the smartphone with the other does not work very well. It is better, one puts the smartphone safely somewhere and keeps the visual contact
  • The best way to use the handling of a less valuable second smartphone, since the device clearly suffers from all the fumbling and likes to fall down
  • The camera probe is round and has no marked "top and bottom". Often the picture is upside down or twisted. However, the app has a function to rotate the camera via software in 90 degree increments
  • The 45-grade mirror can only be used without LED light as the light fades
  • The resulting images are not intended for photo album, but for analysis purposes, the quality is clearly not in the high-end range of comparable, medical probes
  • Careful use of the camera significantly extends the lifespan, according to user comments

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