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Lambretta LI 125 Special - aka Lambretta 225 very Special

A guest article by Patrick | September 2016

A Lambretta LI 125 Special, or "Blue Special", is a rare scooter not only because of the '65er built year, but also because of the limited number of just 30.000 pieces. These numbers give an idea of ​​the rarity of the beautiful Italian, especially if the original livery is still present. It is not so easy to get a well-preserved, complete and unrestored Lambretta. Anyone who ever drove unprepared with an original Lambretta, will most likely have been surprised by the slightly scarce engine. Therefore, it is recommended in my view, even in the performance of the scooter to gain a tooth - and that's charming or tough. The following report is dedicated to the latter.

The most important thing with the Lambretta tuning: first the brakes and the suspension optimize!

Lambretta mixer for hydraulic disc brake Before the Lambretta tuning, the original drum brake should be replaced with an external, fully hydraulic disc brake. At my Blue Special I have the CNC-made disc brake LTH-Plus from Lambretta parts Heilbronn installed. This disc brake delays equally with two pistons in the caliper all subsequently installed horses reliable.

Another advantage of this brake is the so-called anti-dive solution, in which a rod fixed to the fork spar prevents unpleasant dipping of the fork during braking. From personal experience, I can only recommend a completely hydraulic brake system. Semi-hydraulic solutions in which, although the original brake lever remains optically, but a cable controls a hidden brake pump, feel spongy and poorly dosed. Those who make compromises here will save at the wrong end.

Lambretta disc brake

With an increase in engine power and the resulting higher end speed, tires and shock absorbers have to be adapted to the higher loads. Good tires with appropriate speed release are essential. Equally important is a firmer suspension. Because with fast cornering, 50 years old wire springs can sometimes lead to involuntary descent without warning. New springs in the fork and new, oil-filled additional shock absorbers bring the necessary stability into the front suspension. Since the Lambretta wheels are typically small, you should not compromise here.

Lambretta strut

Rear was the original Lambretta strut through an adjustable strut BGM R12 V2 from the scooter center exchanged. The stability, quality and performance are really very good and ensure an absolutely confident and sporty driving experience.

Lambretta speedometer Is the speedometer on 30 PS + up to 120 Km / h enough?

No, he is not enough. With the current setup speeds of over 130 Km / h can be reached easily. Therefore, the original and fairly reliable Lambretta speedo has to give way to a retrotacho with 140 Km / h blades.

The most beautiful thing about old scooters and motorcycles is the patina

Lambretta design
In Italy in the late 50 years, many logos were still hand painted and sprayed at that time still clearly the charm of southern Europe. In addition to the curvy sheet metal parts with the striking shapes on the Lambretta used to dominate chrome and polished aluminum.

Lambretta with 30 PS
The Lambretta was deliberately not repainted. The paint shows clearly traces of the last 50 years, as a corrosion protection and visual vintage indicator but still 100% ig his duty. Good to see are the different weathering conditions. For example, the tone of the leg shield is slightly different from that of the cascade and the front fender. Obviously, in Italy not only the sun shines ... in truth, of course, these are replacement body parts from another scooter.

Lambretta performance improvements

There was no room for the old air filter - that's how it works ...

The resonance exhaust is adapted to the quarter liter Hubram

Lambretta 125 (225) Special - Specifications

  • Innocenti Lambretta Li 125 Special, "Blue Special"
  • adapted GP 200 engine block, Monza 225 Aluminum cylinder (ported) with membrane inlet
  • 60er crankshaft of Mito Lambretta with 118er connecting rod
  • original GP 200 gearbox with 7-Scheibenkupplung Liedholsheim (LTH)
  • Chain tensioner of Jockey's pit stop
  • electronic ignition base plate with 80w from BGM and lightweight fan of AFR
  • programmable CDI unit Kheper V3
  • carburettor Keihin PWK Airstriker 38
  • shock absorber BGM R12 V2
  • Fully hydraulic disc brake LTH Plus with polished brake pump
  • 12 Ltr. Long Range Tank
  • Exhaust JL-Franspeed Race with silencer of TSR
  • estimated, still unconfirmed power at the rear wheel: 30 + PS

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