This rear view mirror for bicycle helmets can also be attached directly to an optical glasses

This rear view mirror for bicycle helmets can also be attached directly to an optical glasses

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NAfter, out of curiosity, I screwed a stuffy bicycle rearview mirror to my commuter bike in the summer, I missed this after the typical acclimatization phase of about six months on the road bike. Constant head contortions with the slightest noise from behind, plus the extremely loud freewheel of the Shimano Ultegra. Unfortunately, such a rearview mirror in the normal case today not only signals "this is an e-bike" to all other road users, but is pretty ugly as on motorcycles on the bike. In product photos of sporty enduro bikes, scramblers and cruisers, steering mirrors in advertising are almost always missing because they spoil the optical line of a two-wheeler. This rearview mirror are so damn practical, especially on the bike, because you are constantly overtaken on the road. Through my little handlebar rearview mirror this winter, I quickly learned just how much passive safety a mirrored 10 square centimeter can bring out of optical mirror glass, especially in the dark season with headlights.

Mirrors look uncool, but bring a lot of safety for cyclists, because you have the situation behind the wheel without the slightest movement of the head quite relaxed in view. The rearview mirror is not on the bike itself, but on the bike helmet he is a) can be used on any bicycle and b) does not spoil the look of the noble vehicle. In addition, the mirror does not interfere with the handlebar when hand gesture. A good solution? This should show this first rearview mirror test.

Inexpensive bicycle helm rearview mirror imported from China

Various bicycle helmet rearview mirrors from China

At my old MZ 250 from the 60 years is for classic-status reasons only a left mirror prescribed. Looks good, is on fast roads when changing lanes from 70 km / h to the right but a nightmare: Without two careful shoulder glances I can not turn right anywhere. In the future, I will eliminate this circumstance with a second, small mirror on the motorcycle - another topic, which has finally made me aware of the importance of using a rear-view mirror for cycling: Such a small mirror can really avoid accidents!

A few years ago on TV I had seen an ultralight helmet mirror for cyclists from Asian production on a biking globetrotter for a ridiculous penny price. The cyclist simply glued the mirror bracket to his bicycle helmet with adhesive tape and from then on he could see ahead of the not quite safe, faster traffic behind him. I was immediately hooked. After a small internet research, I ordered three cheap rearview mirror variants primarily for bicycle helmets at Ali-Express for security reasons via Pay-Pal directly in Asia. Tips for safe shopping in Chinese online shops can be found here. The delivery took more than two months, but the mirrors gradually arrived in Bielefeld. No customs, no expensive delivery costs - just wait and be surprised by the post office from the Far East. At this time, I had before, components such as mirror glasses possibly to exchange with each other.

Three bicycle rearview mirrors in low-cost range with different emphases:

  • A very filigree lightweight rearview mirror construction, which can optionally be clamped to (m) optical glasses
  • A slightly more stable rear view mirror for a bicycle helmet assembly with Velcro
  • A handlebar mirror that has nothing to look for the bike helmet, but I would like to try on the bike or even on the bike

Fix bike rearview mirror to helmet or optical glasses

Chinese rearview mirror for eyeglass wearers

Bicycle rearview mirror for eyeglass wearers

The cheapest rearview mirror hears on the Ali-Express name "Bike Mirror Rotatable Sunglasses Rearview Mirror Bicycle Riding Cycling Bike Helmet Bike Mirror" and costs including shipping amazing € 2,06. The mounting options of the rearview mirror range from a simple clamp to an optical goggles, over the fixation of the helmet headband to the fixation with cable straps on the air holes of the bicycle helmet. A tube-in-tube mechanism similar to a telescopic antenna allows the desired angles to be set. The design is feather-light, but my optical goggles would probably slip down the first time you ride the weight of the rearview mirror.

Bicycle rearview mirror for eyeglass wearers

This rearview mirror does not just look like a joke ...

After removing the protective film, it became clear to me in the truest sense of the word that the simple mini-rearview mirror is virtually unusable for use on the road, as it does not optically reduce the view to the rear. I do not recognize a reduced overall picture, but only individual puzzle pieces in the scale 1: 1 on almost six square centimeter mirror surface. You can not see anything! The carbon sticker does not change that, which tries to visually enhance the simple mirror housing. The entire construction also springs, strong vibrations are inevitable. But even when standing, I can see almost nothing in the mirror glass. Rather for carnival ...

Mirror especially for the bicycle helmet assembly

Mirror bicycle helmet

The appearance of the second bicycle helmet mirror is cheaper, albeit considerably more stable overall. After removing the protective film, I recognize the area behind me much smaller. The reduced mirror image could be a real help in road traffic, if the mirror is attached with sufficient distance to the bicycle helmet. Here is my China Billig bill: With this rearview mirror you would actually have a safety plus in traffic, similar to my current handlebar level. For incredibly cheap 2,20 EUR I start a copy of the rearview mirror - again Ali-Express.

Rear view mirror for bicycle helmet - just plugged

First only mended mirror for bicycle helmet

Despite the cheap looking plastic, all adjustable joints are screwed and can thus be finely adjusted to the desired mobility. The metal bar is a bit thicker than the eyeglasses rearview mirror. As a result, the mirror image does not shake when shaken. How this metal bar behaves in accidents with head injuries, I would not discuss here in detail. For me, this test is first about active accident prevention through the use of a rearview mirror in cycling. And with this model, at least the first test drives could work, since the geometry and the optics of the mirror glass are correct.

Mirror mounting with Velcro fastening

I would like to avoid the mirror assembly with Velcro fixation

The instructions for use of the rearview mirror with the unbelievable product description "Bicycle Riding Universal Rotation Adjustment Helmet Rearview Mirror Bicycle Accessory Bike Parts" are cause for little joy: Double-sided adhesive Velcro tape to the polystyrene part of the helmet and simply clip the mirror holder - done. It certainly does not work for more than five minutes when cycling in the summer. The mirror must be fixed much firmer in my own imagination. For my test drives this does not have to last forever, but maybe only four weeks.

Attaching the mirror holder to the helmet

I removed the original Velcro tape from the mirror holder

After five minutes fumbling with the nonsensical idea to drill small holes in the outer shell of the helmet, I decide to remove the Velcro completely from the mirror mount and glue the mirror to the inner part of my bike helmet with double-sided 3M tape. For this, I degrease the helmet and the mirror arm thoroughly with a cleaning cloth so as not to chemically affect the helmet material of my aged Alpine myth. The helmet has been in use for a few years and it does not really matter. My intention is clearly in the non-destructive dismantling of the rearview mirror of the bicycle helmet, without damaging it.

Rearview mirror fixation on the helmet with double-sided 3M adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is applied so that a suitable radius is created

For this I build on the plastic mirror bracket in a kind of sandwich construction, three adhesive layers of the 3M tape, to glue the inside radius of the helmet shell flush with the material. In addition, the splice can be reinforced later with cable straps through the helmet vent holes, if the tape alone is not strong enough. For the first test drives with the rear-view mirror, it would have to go that way. At high temperatures in summer, the splice could naturally yield and soften without the cable ties. So it's only provisional ...

Ready fixed rearview mirror on the bicycle helmet

Rearview mirror fixation with adhesive tape

The rearview mirror is fixed to the helmet with the adhesive tape. Looks like a two-sided clamp, but is not.

Glue the mirror to the helmet without changing the helmet shell or chemically attack the material

Gluing the rearview mirror to the helmet from the inside

If the mirror is to be removed from the bicycle helmet again, I just need to loosen a single screw and can completely pull out the clamped metal bar and mirror. Only the plastic attachment with the splice remains almost invisible in the helmet.

Mirror jib stuck to the helmet

The mirror boom in the final position

After the test, I could probably also solve the double-sided tape with plastic part of the helmet with gentle force. Thus, the complete dismantling of the bicycle helmet would be possible without changes to the helmet shell. Please keep in mind that every tiny change to a bicycle helmet shell is natural excludes all liability of the helmet manufacturer! Also I take no responsibility for this conversion. If you yourself want to attach a rearview mirror to your bicycle helmet, you are expressly acting at your own risk.

Subtle rearview mirror assembly on the bicycle helmet

Subtle rearview mirror assembly on the bicycle helmet

By mounting the rearview mirror, I act on my own responsibility, if in an accident something unforeseen happens with my head. That's why I only use my old bicycle helmet instead of a new bike. This helmet is not often used, but serves as a second helmet. In the photo the view from the side: The mirror mount now looks like bought together with the helmet as a system. My hobbyist heart is happy.

Optical impression of the bicycle rearview mirror while wearing

Consideration for subsequent traffic on the bike through rearview mirror

First impression: works well!

Bicycle helmet with mirror

View of the mirror of the helmet from above

The first impression is promising: There is enough room between the helmet and the shoulder to be able to recognize the traffic in the back. In particular, if the small mirror surface is upended, as in the truck. However, the helmet can then no longer be turned off plan, as it lies with its weight on one side of the mirror. Furthermore, you always have "a black spot" in mind, which I have to get used to personally.

How much I would like to drive up and down the street today. Unfortunately, the weather on the whole weekend in March was so bad that I could not try the new rearview mirror on the bike helmet.

If you want to buy the bicycle helmet mirror yourself: Also at Amazon they receive similar copies of Chinese production, but then for three to four times the price without waiting. Personally, this is not primarily about a great helmet mirror solution for the rest of my bike life, but only a first try of this possibility. In the English-speaking Internet are more and probably more mature solutions such as the Helmet rearview mirror EVT Safe ZoneHowever, with 80 to 100, EUR are also considerably more expensive. Interesting could also be the cheap Blackburn Helmet Mirror be. Also the Image search by Google offers a wide selection of rear-view bike mirrors that can be fixed to the helmet. The long-established company Bell offers in the USA eg helmet mirrors suitable for their parasols.

Test drive with helmet mirror and conclusion

After a first, 44 kilometer test drive with the helmet mirror, I noticed a few things that only a live test on the bike in traffic brings to light. Basically, the mirror is useful in road traffic or for tours with several cyclists in the group and promotes safety. Once set correctly, it projects a reasonably usable mirror image of the traffic situation on a smaller scale. Unfortunately, my loaded backpack cut off the overall picture. He actually disturbed permanently the clear view to the rear. The image produced in the mirror glass is even almost vibration-free because the head is quite well attenuated by the body.

This view arose in the helmet mirror from the street behind me. There are four smartphone photos right in front of my face.

Of course, a big advantage over my bar mirror is that the viewing angle between the eye and the mirror always stays the same, once the helmet sits properly. For example, I was able to grasp the bar ends with the body in front of me - the consideration almost did not change as a result. Another advantage arises when turning with hand signals against the handlebars mirror: Very often, I accidentally touched the handlebar mirror while the glove and the mirror was adjusted.

Very slight head movements are sufficient to completely scan the reflection on the rear traffic. Of course, one should never forget to look mainly forward. The thing requires a whole lot more concentration, than without a mirror with more rare shoulder glance! On a bike tour in the group, the cyclist ahead has a passable view of the rest in the back. Are all still tuned? Faces, marks or other details can not be recognized by the tiny mirror surface.

Helmet mirror test on bike

Helm mirror test: This is how the road looked behind me

A few drawbacks are caused by the use of the helmet mirror, of course: The helmet must be carefully placed on the head, otherwise the mirror is adjusted immediately. The mirror image could be fixed by the resulting optics of the short helmet attachment only from my left eye. And you have to turn your eyes what the eye muscles noticeably claim. Looking just from the angle as in the car back, here is much more exhausting. But the main thing that bothered me was the black spot, which is somehow constantly in the viewpoint. It is something like the bicycle helmet: Without a helmet you drive from the pure driving feeling simply more free and without a mirror in front of your nose just as well. Nevertheless, one can get used to both safety aids very quickly and without feeling suddenly defenseless.

My personal conclusion on the subject of helmet mirrors:

  • In general, a rearview mirror on the bike is an extremely safety-enhancing accessory - especially if you commute at rush hour and often on busy roads on the road
  • A helmet mirror has other advantages and disadvantages than a handlebar mirror with the same purpose, both types of mirrors make sense
  • A useful use is certainly given for recumbents, in addition, I imagine the biking in the group with helmet mirror in front of practical, at least for a preceding driver who leads the group
  • The here tested helmet mirror from cheap Chinese production is qualitatively clearly in the gadget area to order. After the rearview mirror was properly attached to the helmet, it works - but for a first, personal impression, it is sufficient
  • The lifespan of the mirror glass, the attachment and clamping is with daily handling in bicycle everyday life with maybe a maximum of one season - convinced cyclists inside should permanently resort to a more expensive model
  • Not tested were driving in the dark and in the rain, as well as the risk of injury in accidents

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