Carefree mobility on two wheels

There is nothing better for me than to cycle through the country on a light bike in good weather or to cruise through the cozy late summer evening on an ancient vintage motorbike. I also like to experience foreign countries on the bike. Hiking is too slow for me, a car is often too much. is about traveling, biking, two-wheeler, bike testing, cycling culture and some daring motorcycle stories. It is the successor of, a screwdriver website for old SIMSON and MZ motorcycles from the East of the Republic. Cycling makes me meanwhile even more fun than old motorcycles. There are good reasons for it:

My two-wheeled companion

A light but sturdy 9 kg road bike with wide tires on which you can sometimes board a dirt road. The Stevens Vapor Cyclocross Bike is almost perfect for Germany's desolate bike paths. High quality materials make it very fast with a bit of fitness!

- Stevens Cyclocross

A rough MZ 250 two-stroke engine from the GDR, built 1969 with 19 PS. Peak 120 km / h on good days. After almost two years of tinkering I had "the pig" everyday. For 10 years we are good friends. If I could wish for something, it would be better brakes.

- MZ 250 / 2

SIMSON SR50 - Schwalbe successor May run with insurance license 60 km / h and is therefore in great demand among the youth. The curious thing is the low-floor engine in a scooter with 4-gear footswitch. A real 3,7 PS adventure, where you can screw your fingers sore.

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